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Little Doone Arran Malt Sweet Balsamic dressing
Little Doone Arran Malt Sweet Balsamic Dressing plastic bottle

Arran Malt Sweet Balsamic Dressing

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Smooth, mellow and sophisticated…

This beautifully refined dressing blends the unique character of 10 year old Arran Single Malt with the deep, rich flavours of our sweet balsamic.  Beautiful with smoked salmon, drizzle over haggis, serve with steak, or add to sauce. For the adventurous, try a few drops over ice cream.


Allergen and Nutritional Information

There are some flavours that are subtle, but that’s because they work best as subtle. Like our Arran Malt or Whisky dressings. It’s there, it’s mellow, it’s beautiful and perfectly balanced, but you’re not drinking a shot of whisky, despite there being a good slug of Scotland’s finest in there.