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Our Favourite Recipes and Serving Suggestions

Balsamic is one of the most versatile and essential ingredients in any chef’s larder. Our dressings can be used straight from the bottle, or blended with other ingredients to give depth and definition to your cooking.

Strawberry Gateaux

All our dressings work well with salads, either blended with oil or on their own.
Great as marinades or drizzles, ingredients and dips.
The easiest way to enjoy our balsamic dressings is a little in a small ramekin with either a fine olive oil or a mellow rapeseed oil, and of course some freshly baked crusty bread to dip in. Simple, but very delicious!
Drizzle a little Original over a salad of baby leaf spinach, sliced in-season strawberries, toasted pine nuts and shavings of Parmesan,
with or without some oil.
Roast Mediterranean vegetable?
Add some Garlic or Smoked Garlic Sweet Balsamic Dressing before cooking, it will caramelise onto the vegetables, and the aroma will infuse beautifully.
Our Whisky or Arran Malt dressings works so well
with smoked salmon salad, it's a must!