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From Small Beginnings...

We are a very small family run business based just outside the historic town of Stirling in central Scotland. We sit right at the bottom of some beautiful hills that greet us when we open our door in the morning, except for the very occasional day (ahem!) when it’s raining or cloudy, and then you can see precisely nothing other than rain and cloud!

Little Doone Family

Play with your food

When Colin enjoyed a very nice lunch with balsamic in a previous life, he went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar and took it home with great anticipation. The expectation quickly led to disappointment when it turned out to be rather sharp and, well, vinegary. On some investigation, and interrogating a very good chef, he learned about the balsamic reduction.

After some trial and lots of error – including vinegar fumes powerful enough to strip paint and wasted pots with an inch of solid black tar on the bottom – he came up with his secret black magic formula. This proved so popular with family and friends that when the company he worked for closed down, there was no other option than to share this wonderful taste sensation with the world.

In the decade since then, our little business has grown to fill a small production unit with a big machine that can churn out a bottle every couple of seconds, supplying foodies across the length and breadth of the UK, and even a few around the world.