Lemon Zest Sweet Balsamic Dressing

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Fresh, sharp, and aromatic…

A beautiful dressing with the fresh, light notes of pure lemon zest giving way to the deep, full flavours of balsamic.

Gives a little twist to your salads, and is simply made for fish!

As balsamic vinegar contains naturally occurring sulphites, all of our dressings contain sulphites. We don’t have any nuts in our recipes, and have a no nuts policy within the production facilities, but we cannot guarantee that nuts are absent from our products. Although the ingredients include chocolate extract, this is from cocoa, and does not contain milk or milk products. All our products are gluten free, and there are no animal or dairy products in any of our dressings.

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All our zest dressings are made with pure fruit zest, for one simple reason – it tastes great! Our Lemon Zest dressing has a light flavour which is like the aroma of fresh lemons, not the sharpness of lemon juice. Fish dishes are just asking for a drizzle, and why not try with a rich chocolate dessert?

Lemon Zest Balsamic Dressing